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Fun & Educational!

At Young and Wise our camps are carefully structured to provide your child with a fun way receive the enrichment he or she needs to grow and thrive. Our programs come in many varieties to accommodate your schedule, such as half-day camps, full-day camps, and holiday break camps. Our Summer camps offer a creative and fun way to keep you young students engaged and entertained during the long summer break.

How young and wise prepares your student for the future

There are a variety of benefits that come with signing your child up for our camps! You will not only be providing your child with creative, fun, and educational experiences which allows you time to focus on your busy schedule, your child will also receive instruction and several problem solving opportunities that can prepare him or her for the future.

Just a few of these beneficial opportunities include:
  • Teamwork: We value peer to peer interaction and let the students help each other problem solve before teacers step in. Also, we provide group projects that require the students to communicate and cooperate to accomplish the project.

  • Resilience and motivation: Our challenging programs help to teach kids how to keep trying when thier first attempt/s are unsuccessful. This also helps them feel accomplished when they succeed, which develops their will to learn.

  • Decision-making: Our creatively structured activities help children build confidence with their decision-making skills.

In addition, the array of activities, projects, and problems presented in the classes encourage children to try new things. Adventurous learning is a beneficial skill that can be applied in several instances throughout adulthood.

Why Parents & Kids Love Our Engineering Camps?

Our seasonal camps are specially designed to supplement your child’s existing curriculum. It’s our goal is to not only build upon what your child already knows in order to solidify his or her knowledge in a fun and engaging environmen, but also introduce new concept and terms that they can share with their friends and family.

Most of our camps are one week long with an array of different sessions with a wide range of themes. Many parents find this beneficial because their children can enjoy all of the fun and educational workshops offered in multiple sessions without experiencing repeat activities.

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