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Enrichment Courses

  Classes with a Fun & Educational Curriculum

  Young & Wise is delighted to offer programs for students of all educational backgrounds. We specialize in courses designed to homeschool groups, this format adds variety and exciting new concepts to your child's education. To all of our awesome parents, you will be pleased knowing that your child will participate in relevant, exciting, and stimulating projects that are specially designed to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge. All projects come with a lesson plan that will include the California State Standards that apply.









 Students learn engineering concepts and vocabulary all while having fun and exploring with LEGO. We will cover the basics, such as gravity and friction, as well as gear and motor functions. We build every day simple machines as well as some sci-fi tech from your favorite movies. (k-8)

  The Core Engineering curriculum consists of:


-First Steps to STEM for students (k-3rd)

-FUNdamentals of STEM for engineers (3rd-6th)


-STEM Masters for older students (6th-8th)


A FUN and ALTERNATIVE way to learn Engineering and Science while building with LEGO. No matter the age, we can create and customize a curriculum for any student.

lego engineering 

young money makers

   This is a personal finance course aimed to teach our young students the importance of understanding finances and the impact decisions have on their financial outcome. We cover everything from budgeting, saving, investing, and even different entrepreneurial avenues to explore to make money. (Ages 12+)

wood shop 1

   Is your student Interested in learning how to build with their hands? Woodshop is the place for your student if you answered yes! In Woodshop, your student will gain life skills that will assist them in the future but also give them confidence now. From teaching safety first, learning how to properly hammer, and even working with power tools, Mr. Anthony will teach your student woodworking basics (along with some pro tips!) in a safe, creative and fun environment. Extra Plus, your students get to take home their projects and show off their skills to family and friends! (Ages 7-9)

Price per Session: $22

Price per Session: $22

Price per Session: $27.25

wood shop 2

Students will walk away with a new-found confidence and life skills that could come in handy now, or in the future. Students will build on fundamentals and skills learned in Woodshop 1, work with more power tools, and take home their projects at the end of class. (Ages 10+, or a 9-year-old who has taken woodshop 1)

Price per Session: $27.25

math in motion

Take learning math to a whole new level with Math in Motion! This is NOT your average math class; in this course your student will be learning math concepts exploring Singapore Math using movement and actions. If your student needs a new way of learning math or is bored of traditional methods, check out this class!

Price per Session: $20

math core

What happens when you cross a traditional core math class and Mr. Anthony’s fun attitude? A math class like no other. We cover and learn all math standards, while infusing fun themes into the curriculum. Young and Wise believes when students have an interest, learning becomes easier and much more fun! 

Price per Session: $20


This could either be a science focused or P.E focused class. We cover all the science behind a sport, then learn the basics and play the sport. Sports covered are Baseball/Softball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Golf. We teach launch angles and how to throw with proper form. A little bit for everyone. (Grades 3-8)

Price per Session: $23

STEM golf

This could either be a science focused or P.E focused class. We cover all the science behind Golf, such as the weather, course conditions, angle of clubs, and club speed. Then we learn the basics and play the sport. This is the perfect course for beginners in Golf and those who have plenty of experience. (Grades 3-8)

Price per Session: $23

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