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Virtual Programs

Real-time virtual classes



A Boy and His Tablet Device

Young and Wise helps our students learn while enjoying the saftey and comforts of your home. We offer online classes over safe and secure video conferencing technology where they learn about the world around them through engineering.

We bring our personality to the screen! Our unique virtual classes not only cover many fields of engineering, but also teach our students about problem solving and creative thinking through the Engineering Design Process.

Our virtual classes are an excellent way of experiencing online learning if your student has yet to do so. This is an important skill to learn because many colleges and universities all over use this technology. This could be a vital asset for your student to use and take advantage of in the future.

   Participating within a virtual environment will be a learning experience in itself, and exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math alongside peers in a fun and challenging way is sure to be a lasting memory for all.


Feel confident your student is learning from the best. Young & Wise curriculum:

  • Aligns with National and State Standards.

  • Creative and relevant concepts and projects

With virtual classes, students are no longer limited by the offerings of their local school or community. Students can choose which virtual program interests them most and can start at almost any time. We are very excited to start offering these virtual programs to all of our wonderful customers and hope you will work right along with us in helping Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers.

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